My name is József Egri. I am a professional performer (musical-operetta singer).
I was born in 1967 in Budapest, Hungary.
Music played an important role even in my childhood.
I was studying music from private teachers.
My singing teachers are: Erzsébet Nagy, Magda Kovács, Zoltán Naumark, Brigitta Kovács
I have been taught dancing by Gábor Bakó and Ferenc Szabó
Nelly Montágh has been my speech teacher.

I was qualified to the first round of the Television Talent Show in 1988.
In 1990 I became a professional operetta singer and dancer.
In 1995 I participated first time in the New Year Live Performance of Interoperett which was broadcast
by television channels both in Hungary and abroad. The performances took place in the Vigadó, then in the City Theatre.

Trough television I could get millions of homes.
In 1999 I became the member of the Interoperett ( now: Memory Interoperett)
1999-2008 I took part in operetta concerts in Hévíz.
2000-2002 I played the part of Levin in “Anna Karenina” (written by Kocsák Tibor and Miklós Tibor)
as well as Earl Miki in the “Viktoria” with a great success in Gárdonyi Géza Theatre, Eger.

In 2001 I won the “Rainbow Award” ( award from the audience)
In 2002 I played the part of Freddy ( the main tenor character in My Fair Lady composed by Loewe and Lerner) in Csíki Gergely Theatre, Kaposvár.

I have also gone touring all around the world. I have been to Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Italy, Greece, Izrael, the United States and Canada.
In 2010 I was invited to the Thalia Theatre in Kassa where I received the role of Baron Zsupán in Countess Marica composed by Kálmán Imre.


Would you like to see an unforgettable operetta concert and marvellous costumes?

We are performing Imre Kálmán, Ferenc Lehár, Jenő Huszka, J. Strauss, Victor Jacobi, and Pál Ábrahám's most popular melodies.

If you are interested or have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

Telefon: +36 30 222-0091